Monday, July 27, 2009

Things on my mind...

Oh, it's been so long since I've blogged. I guess I've lost the motivation to do so lately. Everything has been going well. I have been staying busy with work, and just haven't taken the time to type up a post after the girls go to bed like I used to.

We had a great weekend--spending time with my family. My sister came to town and her best friend, Becky, was visiting. It was great to see both of them. Becky had not seen Tay since she was 3 weeks old at Ashley's wedding! Ash brought her 2 foster boys with her. This was our first time to meet her newest boy. He's another cute little boy & Ashley is so good with him...she is with both of the boys. I was just thinking in church yesterday (as Ash was tapping him on the head to get him to quit playing with his bulletin like it was a paper airplane!), that when they grow up, I bet they will look back and be so grateful for the great parents that Ash & Seth are to them.

Church has been just AWESOME the past few months. To quote Bro. Fred, I left the Sunday service this week thinking ..."woo! WOO!" :) Powerful, powerful stuff from God's Word. This week he spoke from Luke 13:6-7...a parable about producing fruit. God expects that from us if we are His children. One thing he said was that as a part of the doesn't matter if your the eye, ear, nose, pinky finger, toe, or belly button (well, I added that last one!) are to do your part in the body of Christ. It's interesting because earlier this week, one of my "friends" on Facebook wrote this as her status: "

One of the greatest sins in the church is we have made it ok to sit & do nothing and call yourself a Christ-follower."

That's another "WOOO!" statement! I'm still processing's a strong statement, wouldn't you agree?

Anyhow, we have a new youth/college pastor at our church, and this Sunday I made the statement that I'd like to be a part of working with that ministry. I'm super excited for what God has in store. He's been showing up in a big way lately, and I'm confident He'll do great things in the coming years to build up young people in the church. We need strong young people now more than ever. I've found from experience that if you don't have a circle of Christian friends to hold you accountable, you'll fall for anything the world hands you.

Well, that's about it for tonight. I'll try to post more about the girls later in the week. (Ella turns 6 months old on Sunday...I think I may just cry...why does time fly by so quickly.) I love my girls so much and just want to keep them small.

I hope everyone has a great week!


Jamie said...

Great post and thanks for the encouragement today.

By the way... I also heard that Calvary is getting a new college minister. Ahhh... the good 'ole days!! :)