Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bible Study

Sunday was our last week of studying Esther. Like I said last week, I've enjoyed it SO much! It's been quite awhile since a study has impacted me as much as this one has. The lessons were so practical and applicable. A few key points from it, I'm sure I'll remember always.

I spoke with one of the co-facilitators of our study about getting a group of young women together this summer to do the study. So, I've already put a call in to the church office to get the DVD lessons from them. I'm so excited to get started again...I'm having withdrawals!

I've spoken with a few friends who are interested in doing the study already. My hope is to start in June. So, if you are interested in doing the study with us, just leave me a comment! If you've never done one of Beth's studies, she can be in depth and there is a commitment to doing daily homework lessons--but, it is SO worth it!

Be praying for a location for us to meet for Bible study. I have a few places to check out before we decide.

Also, be praying about getting the word out for the study. The message of the Esther study is so great & I think that so many young women could really benefit from it. If you'd like to see what it is about, you can check it out at .


Melanie said...

Just checking to make sure my comments section works! :)

Hannah Jo Creations said...

I would love to do the study! The group I usually do bible study with are taking a break for the summer and I'm having some serious withdraws! I NEED some deep spiritual feeding! Let me know when you get the details together!

Melanie said...

Great, Hannah! It will probably be mid-June and we'll be doing it on Sunday nights. I'll have more details in the next week or two.