Monday, May 25, 2009

Checking in...

Wow...who knew keeping up with a blog would be harder than I thought! Well, I'm back and just have a quick update before bed. We're all doing good around here. I can hardly believe Ella will be 4 months old next week. And, guess who's wearing 6-9 month jammies already! Yep, my cutie patootie Ella is growing at a rapid pace! :)

We plan on having Ella and Taylor's pictures taken this week. Looking back at Tay's 3 months pictures, Ella and Tay really do look quite a good bit alike at this age. It's hard to remember Tay's personality at this age. But, Ella is a very smiley baby and loves to snuggle. She makes all sorts of sweet and funny coos and noises.

We had a good Memorial Day weekend, but didn't get to do all the fun things we had planned because it rained off and on all weekend long. But, we grilled Saturday and today and had great food. I love the smell of the grill. Tay is getting good riding her new bike that she got for her birthday. She has a bit of difficulty with watching where she is going though because she is looking and concentrating on her feet so much! Unfortunately, we didn't get to blow up her new pool because of all of the rain.

Tay has also learned how to push her step stool over to turn the light off & on in the bathroom. Yay! This is a big time accomplishment. It gives her a lot of independance which she loves. She really likes to do things by herself!!

Tay LOVES going to Sunday School. It makes me so glad. She's come so far from screaming and crying when we drop her off to running down the hall when she sees her teacher waiting to greet her! Oh, I love it! She talks about Sunday School all week and is very quick to correct me when I slip up and mention church. She says, "No, Mommy! YOU go to church; I go to Sunday School!!"

Ella still hasn't rolled over yet. I say it's because she never lays on the floor longer than a few minutes. This gal likes to be held...all.the.time.!! The batteries on her swing died (again!) this weekend. I thought "Oh, No!!" That's the only way I get a break from holding her during the day!!

We're definitely hoping for better weather this week so we can spend some time outside. Whew, we've been cooped up in the house for too long! I hope everyone has a great week!