Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Toddler Tuesday

Whew, we had a busy couple of days!

Last Friday, we took a trip over to the Dauphin Island Estuarium. We're so fortunate to live so close to beautiful sandy beaches, though we rarely go. I had connections through one of the great nurses I work with to get us a special tour! We went with a few friends from our playgroup and had a great time! The kids loved it. We saw fish, baby alligators, turtles, snakes, octopus, crab, frogs, and lizards. It was a great learning experience, too. The kids got to "pet" the snake, turtles, and crab. We also got to see many of the animals being fed, too. It was a great trip. Tay loved being outside there, too. The weather was beautiful and she definitely wants to go back to the beach sometime. For a day trip, Dauphin Island is a great place to go.

Saturday was Tay's birthday party at the Watermelon Patch. Oh, we had so much FUN! It made me so happy to see her so happy! Nana, Poppy, Mimi, and Gran were there. Aunt Ashley, Seth, and Cruz attended. Aunt Shelli came and brought Emma Kate and Hadley. From our playgroup, Miss Hannah came with Parker and Miss Julie brought Cole. The kids wore themselves out! :) I promise I'll get my pictures developed soon & will be able to post pictures.

Sunday we had baby dedication at Luke 4:18 Fellowship. It was a very special morning. We were so honored to have Mawmaw, Aunt Cheryl, and Uncle Harold drive over to celebrate with us. The poor nursery workers probably had their hands full with Tay, Cruz, and Emma Kate all in there together! :) Mom & Dad, Ash & Seth, and Shelli & Mrs. Robinson attended church with us. There were 3 other babies dedicated in the service. Though Ella was the youngest, she certainly wasn't the smallest--love my chunky monkey! Ella did great and didn't fuss or cry at all during church. Afterwards, we had a delicious lunch at Mom's house. What a great day spent with family! I'm so thankful for them.

We were exhausted yesterday after a weekend full of activities! So, we've taken it easy so far this week. Tomorrow, we'll be going to the Exploreum and have a playdate planned with a few friends on Friday.

I'm really enjoying the time I have to spend at home with my girls and doing all sorts of fun activities together!