Wednesday, April 29, 2009

another random post...!

Too much to catch up on...

Another busy week has gone by! Seriously, is Ella almost 3 months old & my first "baby" Tay is 3. I've actually been a bit sad over it the past few days. Wow; they're growing up so, so fast. Not that I want any more kids, for sure, but it makes me sad that I can't do it all over again. Oh, how I love my girls. They're my heart.

Not much to post regarding this week's menus! It's been over a week since I've been to the store.'s what we'll be eating this week. Just leave me a comment if you want a recipe! I'm really not doing much cooking, actually!

Monday--Chuck E. Cheese for Tay's birthday
Tuesday--Baked Spaghetti
Thursday--Chicken Dressing Bake
Friday--if Scott doesn't work in the yard, we'll grill thick cut pork chops marinated in Dale's (so yummy). If he does work in the yard...I'll have to think of something to cook inside!
Saturday--Tay's birthday party--we'll have pizza
Sunday--Ella's baby dedication lunch celebration--I'm making zesty barbecue chicken in the crockpot, coleslaw, chocolate chip pie, and banana pudding. Mom is doing baked beans & Mrs. Robinson will bring potato salad. Yummy, a good barbecue lunch! Poor Ella, she can't even enjoy it! :)

Catching up with my girls...
The girls and I stayed busy over the weekend while Scott was in 'Tega. On Saturday, we tried out a ballet for tots class. To tell you the truth, it was very disappointing. I'm not sure we'll go back. We actually walked out in the middle of it. Then, we went to a birthday party for a sweet little boy from the class Taylor was in at daycare. The only unfortunate thing was that it was at a park...which typically is a fantastic thing! But, I had Ella with me & it was very hot. So, I couldn't juggle holding Ella in the heat & watching Tay play on the equipment. I feel so badly sometimes when I can't do what I used to with Tay because I have to hold and take care of Ella. For the most part, Tay does so well and is so patient with me and Ella.

We had a huge day on Monday for Tay's 3rd birthday! It started with a trip to the Eastern Shore Center with Shelli & Emma Kate. We were so glad they came with us. Tay had a BLAST playing in the fountain!! I loved watching her. Then, we had lunch at Chic-fil-a and the girls played there, too. After a long afternoon nap, Gran picked us up & we celebrated again! We went to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner. What a day! Tay is so excited to be 3. :)

Well, the weight loss has really stalled the past few weeks. Truthfully, I'm rather glad it's stall and not gone up! After all the celebrating, pizza and cake, etc....I'm surprised! Plus, I haven't been able to work out as often since we've had so much going on. I only have 3 more months until I return to work (wow!) and still hope to lose at least 15 lbs. by then so I really need to get moving.

As for my Bible study, this is our last week of Beth Moore's Esther study. It is bittersweet. I have really, really loved it and am so sad for it to be over. What a journey. We started this study just 6 days after Ella was born. Two key points I will always remember from this study and wish for everyone to know for themselves: My God loves me. My God is GOOD. Just these 2 phrases have really changed my perspective. I'm so thankful. I hope to be able to share and do this study with a group again.

To share a "favorite" this week, I want to point you to Beth Moore's blog at This week, Beth's daughter Melissa, is in Calcutta with Compassion International and has been writing about some amazing things she's seen there. It has brought me to tears!

Ok...well, what an assortment of things have been covered in this one post! The girls keep me so busy & I'm usually holding Ella. So, I thought I better get all my blogging in when I have the chance!