Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back to normal!

I'm so grateful that after such a rough week last week, things are back to normal around here. I was scared that Tay was trying to give up naps when she was so fussy last week...but on Monday & Tuesday she napped for 2 1/2 hours & today she napped for over 3! I can't tell you how important that quiet time means to me. It's important to her, too. She has had such a different attitude & perky personality this week!

Some funny & sweet things out of her mouth this week...
At dinner one night, "Mmm...this is TASTY!"
"Jesus is in my heart...but, not in Allie's heart!"
"When the bad men hit Jesus (while reading the Easter story), they went to TIME OUT!"

Ella is still being her sweet, smiley self! I got some really cute pictures of Tay "holding" Ella yesterday. I'm just amazed at how much Tay loves her; it's so precious.

Today, we went to Megan's house for Charlie's 2nd birthday playdate. We had a great time. Taylor kept saying all afternoon that she had fun at "Megan's house!" The weather was awesome & the kids played in the backyard. The party was a "Cars" movie theme and Megan had made cupcakes. Tay was able to take home a little "Tow mater" toy!

On Friday, we have a playdate planned at the Environmental Center. I haven't been there since I was in elementary school, so I'm looking forward to going. I'll take pictures and post them here soon. We'll be having a picnic lunch there, too!

Tay starts her "Ballet for Tot's" class this Saturday! Unfortunately, Scott & I will be going to Tuscaloosa Saturday for the A-Day, Poppy will be taking her to her first class! :) Won't that be cute! Tay's little buddy, Elizabeth, is taking the class, too. So, I hope she does fine without me for the first week.

Oh, I just realized that I hadn't posted Ella's 2 month stats: 12 lb. 6 oz. & 23 inches long!! Woo-hoo! She's in the 90% for weight & 75% for height. Too cute!